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Booster Seat Options For Growing Kids

Booster safety seat optionsLike most Moms, we love to feed our children and cook them nutritious meals that will help them grow big and strong. We as they grow, chances are they will no longer fit into their convertible car seat. When this happens finding a suitable booster seat is imperative. This is often an overlooked aspect of car safety that some parents unknowingly overlook. There is usually a gap between the time that a child outgrows their conventional safety seat until the time that they are big enough to use a regular seat belt. This is where getting a quality booster seat can protect them. We just went through this ourselves so we thought that we would give you the lowdown on the booster seat that we currently use.

The First Years Compass B540 car seat has been a popular choice amongst parents who wanted to offer their children a safe and comfortable place in the car ensuring them of proper protection each and every time. Being rated with five stars by NHTSA for its ease of use, this model is definitely a wise option due to its enhanced comfort head rest and EPP foam that can absorb energy in an impact successfully.

With all of its safety and comfort features, the B540 is one of the higher customer rated models being sold, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews for most part. When it was time to get a booster seat we went searching online for the latest child safety seat ratings, and this seat got excellent feedback from parents. It is also quite versatile and is able to accommodate children of a wide range of ages. It is also budget friendly and one of the best performing safety seats under $100.


Enhanced Safety – The First Years Compass B540 Car Seat ensures you of enhanced safety, keeping your child entirely comfortable and securing them with belts of a superior quality. The taller belt was specifically designed to accommodate taller children..

Easy Installation – Aside from enhanced safety, this model provides color-coded belt paths in order to make the installation process easier for all parents who might have troubles following complicated user manuals. Instead of spending hours trying to adjust the car seat to fit your child’s dimensions and weight, you will only need a few minutes to install it accurately to your car.

NO GAP Back. As your child grows, regular car seats might have trouble accommodating them properly during car rides. However, The First Years Compass B540 Car Seat was designed to offer your little one proper support and comfort, allowing you to easily adjust the back and side height in order to make sure that they will always have the greatest experience regardless of his weight or height.

Side Impact Safe – The B540 was tested against side impacts, being fully equipped with EPP foam (which is the same foam found mostly in bicycle helmets) that can absorb energy in an impact. Should an accident occur, this feature is designed to minimize harsh impacts and offer maximum protection.


In 90 percent of cases, all customers who have bought The First Years Compass B540 Car Seat were very satisfied with their acquisition, particularly due to the excellent performance and many features it provided.

Side-Impact Safe. The most important aspect people like in their B540 is some of the advanced saftey features which can redirect the energy in an impact whilst keeping the child entirely safe. One customer has even reported that his grandson has gone through a car accident, but suffered only a few scratches due to the enhanced safety offered by this car seat.

Retractable Cup Holders – This has nothing to do with safety but owners really like this feature and found the retractable cup holders very convenient, particularly because they were able to easily use them only when necessary. For those kids who like drinking lots of liquids, this aspect is certainly a very important one.

Sturdy Construction. Owners really like how well built their B540 feels and how durable it has been for them. It is a very resilient seat that provides enhanced sturdiness. It was built to last.

Easy-to-Follow Installation. Due to its easy and convenient installation, The First Years Compass B540 makes an excellent choice for all owners who have bought it. Owners for the most part find that the installation process to be rather straightforward.


Small Dimensions – For some customers, the small dimensions might make it inappropriate for bigger toddlers, some choosing to purchase another car seat when their child outgrows this one.

Bulky When Folded – Even though the B540 can be entirely folded, it still is pretty bulky, which might make it very difficult to store. Some owners wished that it did better in this area.

Is It Worth Buying?

Even though the B540 is less expensive than most of the car seats on our list, it does not mean it is less safe. It pass international standards for side impacts and comes with EPP foam headrests, the same thing found in bicycle safety helmets, for premium protection. It was also built with parents in mind, receiving a 5 star rating from the NHTSA for ease of use. Until your child is ready for a regular seat belt, a booster seat like this one is a worthy investment in their safety. Parents who have bought and used this car seat for the most part are extremely happy with their purchase and give it very high marks. For those who want supreme protection but are on a strict budget, the First Years Compass booster seat would be a great choice.